Monday, November 29, 2010

BLOG. Here, today! With two (2!) things you didn't know about blogs.

So what's this whole blog thing going to be about anyway? Honestly, I have never blogged, because it is nerve-racking. Sharing one's thoughts and ideas, one's hopes and wishes can be an intimate thing.

Lately, however, I've gained a new perspective about blogging. Perhaps, it doesn't always have to be so "serious" after all, as I'm not a published writer. So shall we have some fun? :)

2 Things You Didn't Know About the Blog (formerly titled, extra special things you wished you knew about your favorite time-consumer)
1. "Blog" is defined 51 different ways on Urban Dictionary. What is YOUR definition of a blog?
2. The word "blog" derived from "weblog". Only after a silly, online joke in 1999 was the term shortened to its famous form, "blog". Interestingly enough, spell check counts only "weblog" as an error in spelling.

Question of the Blog: Do you know of a language that doesn't use the word blog? Lemme know!

And that's what Summer says. ;)